Top 7 Striped Armchairs For an Elegant Living Room

If you want to add an elegant armchair to your living room, or to a bedroom and guest room, an armchair with striped upholstery might be the perfect solution. Here’s an overview of seven gorgeous armchairs with striped that can be easily ordered from some UK based online stores. Check them out! :)

DG Sandringham Fabric Armchair



Price: £2125.00

DG Sandringham Fabric Armchair is a piece of furniture that will bring a style and luxury to your home. This armchair is hand made and hand finished, with a pattern-matched upholstery in a traditional fabric. This chair is proudly made and designed in Britain by master craftsmen.

Baxter Fabric Armchair



Price: £349.00

Baxter Fabric Armchair is a stylish and affordable piece that will bring a life to any contemporary space. This chair’s funky striped pattern makes this chair so unique. Its legs are made from the dark wood, and the cushions are filled with foam.

Wellington Fabric Armchair



Price: £935.00

Wellington Fabric Armchair is a piece of furniture that will make a unique and elegant appearance into your contemporary living room. This chair features a sprung seat with front edge suspension, removable legs and comfortable cushioning, so the quality and comfort are ensured.

Porter Armchair



Price: £595.00

Porter Armchair is a perfect combination of a traditional and contemporary furniture design. Its simple lines and narrow arms makes this armchair so stylish. This armchair is crafted from a solid, birch wood, and wrapped in a striped, linen and cotton fabric.

Luka Wing Chair



Price: £449.99

Luka Wing Chair is a gorgeous piece of furniture that will add a touch of a luxurious elegance to your living room, bedroom or a guest room. It comes with high backed wing thant makes this piece so unique and stylish. The upholstery material is 100% polyester.

Manor Wingback Chair



Price: £529.99ž

Manor Wingback Chair will look gorgeous in both traditional or contemporary living spaces thanks to its beautiful, timeless design. This armchair is also one high-quality piece of furniture with an elegant high backed wing and scroll arms that makes this armchair do beautiful and sophisticated.

Muesi Arm Chair



Price: £429.99

Muesi Arm Chair is an elegant piece of furniture that you can use for your living space of as an additional seating in your bedroom or a guest room. This armchair has a nice, soft fabric and it comes with a bolster cushion for added comfort.

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