7 Gorgeous Side Tables for Modern Homes

Are you in the process of moving in, or just redecorating a living space that you already live in, and looking for modern side table? Well, ordering it online might be easier than spending hours and hours trying to find them in furniture stores. Since I like to just go through online stores, and scroll for hours, trying to find the perfect and affordable pieces, I created a new list of seven modern side tables that could be a great addition and bring a style to any contemporary living space. Check it out.

Beni Side Table

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £939.99

Beni Side Table is a grogeous piece that could add a modern touch and elegant look to any living room. Since its load capacity is 30 kgs, it can be also used as a TV unit.

Annatto Cusse Side Table

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £839.99

Annatto Cusse Side Table creates a beautiful combination of modern and industrial styles. It feautes organo-industrial crushed mirror and teak root table top that gives a natural look to it, while the base is made from stainless steel.

Battersea Chrome Side Table with Glass Top

From: furntastic.co.uk


Price: £119.00

Battersea Chrome Side Table with Glass Top is a .stunning piece of furniture that will add a style and elegance to any modern living space. Its square top surface is made from a clear, tempered glass, while the syulish base has a chrome finish.

Sage Bullseye Small Round Side Table

From: furntastic.co.uk


Price: £319.00

Sage Bullseye Small Round Side Table can be a lovely addition to a modern hime inspired a ’50s mid-century charm. Its stunning circles in gold, blue and sage, and strong lines give the Bulls Eye table a subtle and elegant tocuh.

Holly White Marble Top Side Table with Iron Base

From: furntastic.co.uk


Price: £185.00

Holly White Marble Top Side Table with Iron Base is a great choice of you want to add a touch of luxury and extravanage to your home. It has a warm brass finish to complement the white marble top.

Jupiter Side Table

From: furniturevillage.co.uk


Price: £349.00

Jupiter Side table has a nice, planetary theme, inspired by planeraty orbs that brings an elegant look to you home’s living room. The base is constructed from three interlocking oval rings that are made of black, titanium-finished stainless steel. They’re strong and scratch resistant and, reassuringly, created with an environmentally-friendly process.

Bali Lamp Table

From: furniturevillage.co.uk


Bali table is simple, contemporary and functional piece that could be a nice addition to your interior. The top is a real black marble with authentic white veining and it has a lacquer finish to enhance its look. The frame is a polished stainless steel in cross-shaped form.

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