7 Gorgeous Beige Sofa Beds for Contemporary Living Room

Sleeper sofas are perfect solution when your guests are staying the night and you don’t have an extra room for them. If your living room needs a new sleeper sofa and you want it to be in neutral tones, a beige colour might be the perfect solution. If you’re trying to find some inspiration for this new sofa, we can help you a little bit. Here’s an overview of seven gorgeous beige sleeper sofas that could improve the look of any room, and all of them can be ordered online and delivered in the UK.

Nexus Sofa Bed

From: therange.co.uk


Price: £399.99

Nexus Sofa Bed is a piece of furniture that looks great in any living room thanks to its timeless design. Its frame is made of plywood, and the upholstery is neutral linen. Assembly is required.

Multy Sofa Bed

From: barkerandstonehouse.co.uk


Price: on request

Multy Sofa Bed is a beautiful and comfortable piece that could be a perfect addition to a small and modern living room. This multi sofa has a design that offers an intermediate position half-way between settee and bed.

Peru 3 Seater Fold Out Sofa

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £749.99

Peru 3 Seater Fold Out Sofa is a classic piece of furniture that could easily become a part of any living room, not matter in which style it is decorated. The upholstery is also available in several different colours. This sofa is made in the UK.

Cork 3 Seater Sofa Bed

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £769.99

Cork 3 Seater Sofa Bed is a perfect piece of furniture for a stylish and modern living room. This sleeper sofa is big enough to offer a space for four people during the day, and it becomes a comfortable bed for two people to sleep on during the night.

Sydney 3 Seater Clic Clac Sofa Bed

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £354.99

Sydney 3 Seater Clic Clac Sofa Bed is a practical and comfortable sofa that easily converts to a bed that can accommodate one person, so it’s perfect solution for a guest who stays over. This sofa also features a stylish look that will add a modern touch to your house or an apartment.

Galesville 2 Seater Fold Out Sofa Bed

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £385.99

Galesville 2 Seater Fold Out Sofa Bed is a gorgeous piece that could be a great addition to your small apartment’s living room. This sofa can be easily convert into a cozy bed that accommodates one person.

Ancla 3-Seater Sofa Bed

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £3,299.99

Ancla 3-Seater Sofa Bed is the most expensive piece of furniture from this list, and for a reason, so I’m sure that people who can afford it, won’t regret it. Its legs are made of light wood and provides this sofa with stability, and the only high-quality and easy-care materials were used for its construction, so the comfort, style and durability are ensured with it. It features a click-clack design that makes possible that this sofa easily converts into a bed

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