Top 8 Traditional Wooden Tall Bookcases for Your Office

If your professional or a home office needs a new, tall bookcase, and you’re a fan of a classic, traditional wooden furniture, one of these bookcases is surely ideal for you, Check out the overview! :)

Classico Book Shelf



Price: £399.99

Dimensions: 163cm H x 74cm W x 33cm D

Classico Book Shelf is a piece of furniture that was hand-lacquered in Italy. It features four shelves that offer more than enough space space for your favourite books and figures. Also, there’s enough storage space in two spacious drawers on the bottom of this bookcase. Its solid parts are made of a tulip wood, so this bookcase is strong and sturdy, and it will look amazing in your office for many years.

Barton Standard Bookcase



Price: £159.99

Dimensions: 183cm H x 82cm W x 27cm D

Barton Standard Bookcase is a perfect piece of furniture to display your books, figures or even houseplants. Its classic design ensures that this bookcase looks great in any space, despite its interior style. The construction of it is a pine wood.

Jali Low Wide Standard Bookcase



Price: £381.99

Jali Low Wide Standard Bookcase is a piece of a furniture with a classic and timeless design so it could be a beautiful addition to any home pr a professional office. Its design is ethnic inspired, and it features a metal detailing on sides. The construction is sheesham wood.

Dimensions: 53cm H x 151cm W x 70cm D

Traditional Corona Bookcase



Price: £135.99

Traditional Corona Bookcase is a beautiful, tall and elegant bookcase that could be a stunning addition to any contemporary or traditional office. Its five open shelved offer more than enough space for all of yours favuorite books. It features a waxed wood finish and ornate black detailing for the elegance to the room.

Dimensions: 183cm H x 80.5cm W x 43.5cm D

Lombardia Book Shelf



Price: £459.99

Dimensions: 187cm H x 97cm W x 38cm D

Lombardia Book Shelf features the three variable floors and five compartments that can be used in a flexible manner. Its lacquer will bring a rustic touch to your home office. Its solid parts are made from a tulip wood, while the additional material is metal. The finish is antique walnut.

Manor House Vintage Solid Oak Tall Bookcase



Price: £550.97

Dimensions: (W) 92cm x (H) 190cm x (D) 36cm

Manor House Vintage Solid Oak Tall Bookcase is a classy piece of furniture that provides enough space for your books, magazines, figures or picture frames in its four open shelves. The two drawers on the bottom can be used for storage of all the items you don’t want to be seen in your office, and you don’t have enough room for them in your office desk.

Rivermead Natural Solid Oak Tall Bookcase



Price: £499.84

Dimensions: (W) 75cm x (H) 175cm x (D) 38cm

Rivermead Natural Solid Oak Tall Bookcase has the beautiful design that ensures this bookcase fit in both traditional or contemporary interiors. It features enough space for books and other storage in four open shelves on the top and the bottom, and in the two drawers in the middle.

Tokyo Natural Solid Oak Tall Bookcase



Price: £579.44

Dimensions: (W) 100cm x (H) 179cm x (D) 35cm

Tokyo Natural Solid Oak Tall Bookcase could be a beautiful addition to any home office. This piece of furniture could display all your books, ornaments or trophies. The bookcase belongs to the Tokyo collection as many of other pieces of furniture, so you could combine it with other products from the collection to complete the look of your home office.

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