6 Beautiful Mid-Century Desks from UK-based Online Stores

Decorating your office in mid-century modern style is very popular in the last few years. Since I work from home, I’m also considering redecoration of my office space to be more natural, retro, and at the same time trendy and contemporary, so the mid-century modern style is a perfect choice, and I’m in search of a perfect desk, because desk is a heart of every office, and that’s the place where all the work magic happens. So, I found a few favourites and decided to share it with you, to help someone with similar wishes for office decorating. here’s an overview of six ones that I liked the best.

Alterra Writing Desk

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £299.99

Alterra Writing Desk has a gorgeous, appealing, and functional design with a versatile flip-up-top that is mostly used as a working top, but when opened it allows the lower shelf to also be used as one. When it’s closed it can be used as a storage space keeping your workspace clean and in order when not in use.

Justine Desk

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £239.99

It’s a charming piece that will add a mid-century elegance to any modern office. This desk has sleek, simple lines that give a style to it, and thanks to its simplicity you can use it also in your living room or in the foyer as a console table. Its construction is solid wood, and some assembly is required.

Oslo Desk

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £389.99

Oslo Desk by Tikamoon is a perfect choice when decorating your modern with a vintage, retro style. It’s also a functional piece with a large desk surface for work, and it’s also equipped with two spacious drawers, and one opened central shelf, so you’ll have plenty of storage space with this one. The base and top material is solid wood.

Galion Desk

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £305.99

Galion Desk is a unique piece that will add vintage glamour to your home or professional office. Its design takes you back to the ’60s, and its beautiful blend of colors and shape gives it a touch of a modern look. The top surface is large enough to provide enough working space, and you can use two drawers for paper and book storage.

Verso White Desk

From: furntastic.co.uk


Price: £705.00

Verso desk is a beautiful piece that will add a stylish look to any contemporary office inspired by a mid-century charm. Its simplicity and clean lines will create a fresh look and add life to your office. Its construction is traditional, solid wood that gives a natural look to it. This desk has three spacious drawers that will provide efficient storage space for your papers, books, or magazines.

Universo Positivo B White Desk

From: furntastic.co.uk


Price: £460.00

This beautiful desk is a piece of furniture that will add a touch of retro elegance to any office. Its minimalistic appearance and sturdy construction make this desk a perfect choice for your office space. Its construction is powder-coated metal while the desk top is solid oak, so the strength and durability are guaranteed.

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