Top 7 Stylish Wall Mirrors For Contemporary Home

A wall mirror is a piece that always improves the look of a room and gives it a special touch, and at the same time it creates an illusion of bigger space, so it’s perfect for smaller apartments. If you need an inspiration for a perfect wall mirror that could be a part of a contemporary home, check out our list of top 7 ones from UK online stores.

Verbier Mirror



Price: £500.00

Verbier Mirror is a large and stylish wall mirror that will give an elegant vibe to your contemporary home. Its beautiful gold finish brings a glamorous touch to any space, and you can use it both horizontally and vertically.

Julia Wall Mirror



Price: £97.50

Julia Wall Mirror will look amazing in your contemporary home. Its bronze finish will add a touch of luxury to your space, and yet you can get if for a very affordable price. This mirror is also available in silver.

Starburst Wall Mirror



Price: £179.95

Starburst Wall Mirror is a stunning mirror that could fit easily in any modern decorated home with its beautiful starburst design. The assembly for this is not required.

Buxhall Mirror



Price: £339.00

Buxhall Mirror can be an awesome addition to your modern home. This mirror is large and eye-catching piece that bring a style to any room with its unique geometric design. Its also made with pride in the UK

Timothy Oulton Axel Reclaimed Wood Square Mirror, Blue Wash



Price: £750.00

Timothy Oulton Axel Reclaimed Wood Square Mirror, Blue Wash is a beautiful piece that will is a beautiful combination of an industrial and traditional, rustic style that could find a place in any modern and contemporary home.

Timothy Oulton Aviator Cowling Mirror



Price: £1000.00

Timothy Oulton Aviator Cowling Mirror is a high-end mirror with a highest price on our list. If you can afford it, this mirror will look perfectly in any modern, luxurious home and add a touch of a glamour to it. Its design is inspired by historic Spitfire jet fighter from World War II, and it features aged aluminium finishes and a multi-riveted construction.

Pevensey Shuttered Mirror



Price: £169.00

Pevensey Shuttered Mirror will bring a rustic charm to your home with its unique shuttered design with grey washed distressed wood and two hinged louvred doors.

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