7 Great Cream Area Rugs For Contemporary Living Room

Cream/beige is a great colour for a rug, because it adds a classic elegance to a room. If you’re trying to find the perfect beige rug that could bring a style to your contemporary living room, you might find some inspiration in our next list. Today we’re having an overview of seven awesome rugs with a beige as the dominant colour that you can easily order from UK based online stores, and get it affordable prices.

Annelle High Pile Berber Diamond Blue/Cream Rug

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £69.00 – £196.99

Annelle High Pile Berber Diamond Blue/Cream Rug could be the perfect choice for a contemporary living room in which you want to add a style and rich look. The resilient polypropylene pile guarantee long-lasting enjoyment and luxurious softness of this rug. It’s available in several different sizes, and its price depends on it.

Luis Cream/Beige Rug

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £33.99 – £239.99

Luis Cream/Beige Rug is a great choice for contemporary living room, bedroom or kid’s room. This rug will create a stylish and modern look into your home, and its softness and high-quality will create a luxurious feel.

Haines Beige Rug

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £54.99 – £299.99

Haines rug combines a classic elegance with contemporary look, so it could be a part of many homes regardless of its interior style. This rug features a timeless, Persian design and neutral tones that gives an elegant look to a living room or to a bedroom. It could look great in a combination with dark wooden floors. Its material is sythetic, and it’s made with woven technique.

Modern Lines Cream & Black Area Rug

From: dekoria.co.uk


Price: £46.00

This awesome rug is a perfect choice for a modern and stylish living room, bedroom or even teenager’s room. This rug will create a unique look, and add a rich and stylish look to your home for a very affordable price. Its material is a high quality polypropylene fibre thanks makes it so soft and durable.

Matrix Crochet Rug

From: therange.co.uk


Price: £128.99

Matrix Crochet Rug is a rug that could fit very easily to any home thanks to its timeless floral design. With its neutral and calming colours, this rug is agreat choice for wooden floors or it can even be combined with other carpets. Its material is 100% Wool Pile.

Viscount Harry Rug

From: therange.co.uk


Price: £69.99

Viscount Harry Rug is a perfect combination of a contemporary and traditional interior style, so it fits in a variety of decor styles. Its floral patchwork design will create elegant and cozy atmoshpere in your living area, and you’ll love to walk on it. Its material is 100% Heat Set Polypropylene.

Matrix Liberty Rug

From: therange.co.uk


Price: £115.99

Matrix Liberty Rug is a soft and inviting area rug that could bring a style and unique look to any contemporary living space. This rug features a rich, large floral design that is very trendy this year in interior design. Its material is 100% wool.

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