7 Most Expensive Extending Dining Tables From UK Stores

A dining table is a piece of furniture that is worth to invest if you have the possibility, especially if you have a big house and big family. If you invest a big amount of money in a table, this piece of furniture can be a part of your home for years and even decades. And, if you have a big family, an extending table is a perfect choice. So, I went through some UK based online stores with a plan to find some awesome, luxurious extending tables that could be a part of a contemporary home. Here’s the seven most beautiful and expensive ones. Check them out! :)

7. Borgia Extending Dining Table

From: barkerandstonehouse.co.uk


Price: From £1425.00

Borgia Extending Dining Table features bold, elegant lines that makes this piece of furniture so stylish and sophisticated. This table will create a luxurious feel thanks to its high gloss Koto wood finish, and it will also create a stunning look for both day and night.

6. Oslo Extending Table

From: barkerandstonehouse.co.uk


Price: FROM £1635

Oslo Extending Table is a beautiful piece of furniture, and its appearance represents a perfect combination of a traditional and contemporary design in interior. This table is patented with two extensions that are stored under table top.

5. Athena Extending Dining Table, Marbled Grey Ceramic

From: barkerandstonehouse.co.uk


Price: £1759.00

Athena Extending Dining Table is a perfect choice for a dining room decorated in a modern and contemporary style. It features a beautiful, sleek design that makes this table a perfect addition to your dining space. Its base is made of stainless steel and its ceramic surface creates a stunning marble effect that will add a charm to your home.

4. Matrix Extendable Dining Table

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £2,329.99

Matrix Extendable Dining Table could be a stunning addition to your ultra modern dining room or a kitchen with its sleek finish and avant-garde design. This dining table has a tempered glass top with mirror effect finish, and it has a side extensions that are always ready for use.

3. Magic Extendable Dining Table

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £2,459.99

Magic Extendable Dining Table is a brilliant product that will be the most interesting piece of furniture thanks to its progressive design. This table can used both as a coffee table and as a a part of your dining room furniture, so it’s a perfect choice if you live in a smaller apartment, or mobile home, and yet still want to invest in its look and design. It features two sliding side extensions, so it’s always ready to transform.

2. Diamante Extendable Dining Table

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £3,709.99

Diamante Extendable Dining Table will create a spectacular and glamorous feel in your home’s dining space. This piece of furniture has almost sculptural design that makes this table a perfect addition to a contemporary home. The mirrored tempered glass top gives this table an additional style and sophisticated look.

1. Ray Extendable Dining Table

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: From £3,799.99

Ray Extendable Dining Table is the most expensive dining table from our list. This piece of furniture is absolutely remarkable. Its beautiful and sophisticated design makes this table a perfect addition to any contemporary home. Its top and extensions are constructed from a tempered glass, while detachable legs are made from curved glass. Its rotating mechanism is made of aluminium, and the plated are stainless steel.

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