6 Elegant Oak Finished Wardrobes for Your Bedroom

If you’re trying to find a perfect wardrobe that will fit your bedroom, and you prefer light wood finished, the oak finish is probably the best choice for you. Here’s an article with overviews of six beautiful oak finished wardrobes that will be functional and elegant addition to any contemporary bedroom.

Waldrup 2 Door Wardrobe by Mercury Row

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £842.17

Waldrup 2 Door Wardrobe by Mercury Rown is a stylish wall-mounted wardrobe that will be a nice addition to any modern bedroom. Its door is sliding. It features removable shelves one one side and a hanging rail with a top shelf on the other side.

Willow 2 Door Wardrobe by Homestead Living

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £801.50

Willow 2 Door Wardrobe by Homestead Living is a beautiful wardrobe with a beautiful full-length mirror on each side of it. The door mchanism is also sliding. The country of manufacture is France.

Virgo 2 Door Wardrobe by Home Etc

From: wayfair.co.uk


Price: £604.17

Virgo 2 Door Wardrobe by Home Etc is a great fit for a smaller bedroom. It is functional piece of furniture that has a full-length mirror at one side, and the other side is oak finished, and it’s also available in a wenge finish.

Charles 3 Door All Hanging Wardrobe in Oak Effect Veneer with Walnut Trim

From: qdstores.co.uk


Price: £209.99

This wardrobe will look beautiful in any bedroom interior thanks to its classic and timeless design. It features three door, and it’s all hanging.

Charles Sliding Wardrobe (2 Door) – OAK VENEER

From: qdstores.co.uk


Price: £209.99

This wardrobe will look great in a modern designed home. It’s a contemporary piece of furniture with a sliding door and it’s constructed of a walnut veneer and walnut trim. Inside of it there are two hanging areas and two lockable drawers.

Charles 3 Door 2 Drawer Mirrored Wardrobe – OAK VENEER\WALNUT TRIM

From: qdstores.co.uk


Price: £209.99

This wardrobe features a timeless design, so it will look very nice in any bedroom. There’s a lot of storage space in it thanks to the two spacious drawers and a hanging space.

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